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Our partners in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Macedonia and Ukraine
TEN consists of the following four organizations:

1) NGO Center (NGOC) in Armenia;
2) YUVA Humanitarian Center (YUVA) in Azerbaijan;
3) Youth Educational Forum (YEF) in Macedonia; and
4) NGO Alliance in Ukraine.

Through NGOC, YUVA, YEF, and NGO Alliance, TEN is working with a core group of youth in each country who study corruption,
seek to discover ways to mitigate its risks, and develop skills for implementing strategies that promote transparency in schools.

The program activities fall into two categories:

a) Awareness-raising and
b) Capacity Building/Development of Codes of Conduct.

EDC is working with all four TEN members to foster cross-country collaboration in addressing corruption in education.


NGOC is a pioneer in increasing the institutional capacity of a core group of public policy-oriented NGOs to promote citizen participation
in the public life of Armenian society and to advocate successfully on behalf of their constituents, causes, subsectors, and the broader NGO sector.

Under the SLP, EDC and NGOC will work to develop youth knowledge about corruption and its consequences and strengthen youth skills to implement advocacy campaigns in order to address corruption in schools. Youth will work with key stakeholders, including local government bodies, regional government representatives, and rectors of the universities and colleges, in the drafting and development of a transparency strategy to create a more open and honest environment within Armenian higher education institutions. Additionally, NGOC will work with youth to draft Codes of Conduct for universities that will help improve transparent practices in education for youth, particularly in schools and universities.


YUVA's mission to empower and inspire youth to create positive change in their lives and communities fits in very well with the SLP's goals. YUVA is a local organization with experience in designing and implementing a creative and community oriented range of development activities.

Using a variety of awareness raising activities, EDC and YUVA will work with youth to strengthen their role in ensuring transparency and integrity in higher education by providing youth with knowledge about the issues of corruption, the causes of corruption, and how corruption can be addressed. Additionally, YUVA will work with existing student associations at universities in Baku to develop Codes of Conduct. One university will open a Student Ombudsman office that will respond to questions regarding corruption and Codes of Conduct. YUVA and EDC will also work with other key stakeholders to increase awareness about how to improve transparency in education.


YEF's mission is to offer students, their teachers, and parents opportunities and avenues for participation in public discussions on issues that concern them and the wider community.

EDC and YEF will work to motivate youth to create a more transparent higher education environment by developing an increased awareness and understanding of the issues related to corruption in education. YEF will adopt a participatory approach, engaging youth in a variety of activities (e.g., video contests, mock trials) to help youth understand corruption and its impact on both the societal and individual levels and share their experiences of corruption. Youth will also draft Codes of Conduct for at least one public university in Macedonia. Through these activities, EDC and YEF will bring about an increased understanding of the impacts of corruption.


NGO Alliancefs mission is to support economic, social and political changes in Ukraine, and to advance human rights, equality, freedom of expression, and economic potential as integral parts of the process of democratization of Ukraine.

Alliance has become part of the SLP-TEN network and is thus in regular communication with the partners in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Macedonia. Since Alliance has a great deal of experience developing and implementing Honor Codes (also called Codes of Conduct), its role in TEN has largely been to provide guidance to other TEN members through sharing its experience. Alliance shares effective approaches to disseminating information about
ways in which Honor Codes support the fight against corruption; developing and adopting Honor Codes; enforcement of Honor Codes (Honor Committees and Honor Code Courts); and values education. TEN hopes these proven models will serve as replicable examples for other universities and youth-led NGOs in the E&E region.
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