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Azerbaijan: Country Specific Information
Azerbaijan Local Partner: YUVA Humanitarian Center

In Azerbaijan, EDC is working with YUVA Humanitarian Center to implement SLP activities. YUVA’s mission to empower and inspire youth to create positive change in their lives and communities fits in very well with the SLP’s goals. YUVA is a local organization with experience in designing and implementing a creative and community-oriented range of development activities. In Azerbaijan, EDC and YUVA will work with youth to strengthen their role in ensuring transparency and integrity in higher education by providing youth with knowledge about the issues of corruption, the causes of corruption, and how corruption can be addressed. This will partly be accomplished through a cartoon contest. Additionally, YUVA will work with existing student associations at universities in Baku to develop codes of conduct and establish a Student Ombudsman office, which can help to answer questions that students and faculty members may have about corruption and codes of conduct. While developing the knowledge and skills of the youth and university staff, YUVA and EDC will also work with other key stakeholders including the private sector and international organizations to increase their awareness about how to improve transparency in education.

Specific Program Activities in Azerbaijan

A. Seminar Series

Yuva will carry out a series of two seminars in five of Azerbaijan’s biggest Baku based universities.

The first seminar will introduce the students to the Social Legacy Program and the Transparent Education Network and provide a space to discuss the concepts of corruption in general and in the education sphere with regards to the Azerbaijani context. The second seminar will include discussions about the impact of corruption in education, on societal level as well as personal level and how this can be addressed.

B. Kick-off Training for Core Group

Approximately 25 youth participants will be invited for a two day educational kick-off and this group will constitute the Core Youth Group. This event will serve as a team-building experience where the participants will learn about the SLP and TEN’s project goals, expectations, and planned activities

C. Roundtable Discussions

Five roundtable discussions will be held, one at every participating university, where the core student group from each university will invite experts (e.g. representatives of Transparency International, OSI, Private Azeri, Multinational Companies) to attend. The main objective of the roundtables is to add another dimension (the business or international organization dimension) to help address the issues related to corruption in higher education.

D. Codes of Conduct

Yuva will work in close cooperation with the Core Group to form a Transparency Codes of Conduct Team that will work together to draft the Codes of Conduct.

E. Transparency Codes of Conduct Lectures
The introduction of codes of conduct at the university will be accompanied by a lecture given by a professional consultant to all new students entering the university.

F. Student Ombudsmen Office

The Transparency Codes of Conduct Team will be in charge of employing a student representative to serve as a Student Ombudsman and to address questions and cases at the university related to corruption.

In addition to these activities, YUVA, EDC and the local partner NGOs in Armenia and Macedonia will develop and strengthen the regional network by promoting knowledge sharing of experiences and best practices as the three organizations implement similar activities in their respective countries. Further, SLP will organize a Regional Round Table where key stakeholders from the region will present the results of their experiences promoting a culture of transparency and developing codes of conduct and similar strategies to decrease corruption in education.
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